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Achievement Award Winners


Neeginan Institute of Applied Technology and U of  W

CAHRD - Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development

Educational Assistant Diploma Program

This 10 month program has been made available at the SDCLC by Audio Video Conference. The dedicated students and instructor of the program have learned that the benefits of technology teaches the importance of patience. This Diploma program has produced Educational Assistants to benefit the schools in the Interlake.

Presenting the awards for the EADP program is the

Program Facilitator: Karen Wadden

Award Recipient : Martinet Orr

Karen & Martinet

At the beginning of 2006 Martinet was in the position of searching for new employment, she had spent many years working in office settings doing clerical / secretarial work. She attended the Selkirk Learning Centre and found the resources to be much greater than she expected. Job Quest assisted her with courses in Career Search, Resume Writing and Interview Skills. Martinet still wasn't able to find a suitable placement in an office setting so the suggestion was made to look into the Educational Assistant program offered by Neeginan Institute. She didn't realize that no matter what age a person is they maybe considered for retraining and could be eligible for Manitoba Education and Training support.

Neeginan Institute assisted Martinet in navigating the application process and paperwork required by all the agencies involved. They also provided an excellent Facilitator whose support has been invaluable.

Martinet appreciated the rich and comprehensive content arranged by Neeginan and the quality of the University of Winnipeg courses and instructors. She also felt that the two month-long practicum's gave her a good understanding of job expectation.

Martinet has really enjoyed this school experience and the opportunity for further education. Being an Educational Assistant represents a big change in her career direction but she feels confident that she will enjoy working this field. If the EADP program had not been offered here in Selkirk she is sure that she would not have been able to take advantage of it.

Martinet looks forward to graduating on June 15 of his year with an Educational Assistant Diploma. She hopes to find employment in the Selkirk area with the definite advantage of having a Diploma. She is also graduating at the top of her class!

Program Facilitator: Karen Wadden

Award Recipient: Elin MacLeod

Karen & Elin

Elin has lived in Selkirk all of her life. She is a single mother of five and for the last two years she has stayed home with her children. Elin had worked in early childhood education before and knew she loved working with children. Now she wants to work with older children. She saw an ad about this diploma course to be an Educational Assistant in the school system. Elin was especially attracted to the course because it included Sign Language and Braille. That's when she decided to go back to school.

Everyone worked hard to get this course off the ground, it seemed shaky for a while but here we are. She would like to thank her kids and her sister for their support. She would like to thank Debbie Britsky for helping with ETS funding and her support. She would also like to thank the Selkirk Learning Centre for hosting all the courses they do and how much support they give everyone who walks through their doors. Last she would like to thank her teacher Karen and all fellow students for sticking together no matter how tough the road was.

Elin can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. she can't wait to have her diploma in her hand and her graduation hat in the air. Elin has also reached graduation at the top of her class!

Interlake Employment Services

Interlake Employment Services provides individuals living with developmental, learning and psychological disabilities the skills and support necessary to make a meaningful contribution in today's workforce.

Employment is an important part of everyone's life. IES provides individuals with the opportunity to find and maintain employment. In order for IES clients to find employment a great deal of support from employers in the community is required. IES would like to honor two Interlake businesses that have committed to the success of the IES program and the individual clients.

Presenter: IES Gimli - Tanya Gottfried

Award Recipient: Gimli Animal Shelter - Rene Granger

Rene & Tanya

Interlake Employment Services would like to recognize the Gimli Animal Shelter for supporting their program for the past two years, typically the animal shelter is a  volunteer based organization, but they have made room for one Interlake Services client in a paid position. IES appreciates the continued support and positive attitude from the Gimli Animal Shelter.

Presenter: IES Lundar - Karen Lindal

Award Recipient: Sigfusson Northern Ltd. - David Sigfusson

Karen & David

Sigfusson Northern is a large construction company based in Lundar with far reaching job sites in Ontario and Alberta. On May 22, 1995 Sigfusson Northern hired their first Interlake Employment Services employee. He has worked here full time for 12 years now. He works in all their shops in the Lundar area, cleaning and tidying up the shops and keeping the vehicles immaculate. He is treated as a valued employee and is a member of the team. Sigfusson Northern has gone above and beyond for this long time employee by assisting him in the purchase of special work clothing required for the job and also treating him to his beloved wrestling matches in Winnipeg. And also in other company celebrations.

Lord Selkirk Learning Centre

The LSLC is designed to assist adults in upgrading high school courses or completing their grade 12 for a diploma. The centre offers an adult learning environment with scheduled classroom instruction.

Presenting the awards for the LSLC program is the

LSLC Director: Sandy Truthwaite

Award Recipient: Michael Smith

Sandy & Michael

Mike first attended the Lord Selkirk Learning Centre in 2001 to continue his pursuit of a grade 12 diploma. For many adult learners coming back to school can be difficult, demanding and stressful and it can sometimes show on their faces. Although Mike probably felt the pressure from time to time he always came to class with his game face on; No, not a look of strained determination or deep resolve. His game face was far more contagious. It was simply a smile. A genuine " I am just happy to be here" smile. You see, Mike just loves to learn. It is not surprising that the first part of his email address is " need-to-know@".

Teachers are always appreciative of students who participate in class discussions by asking interesting questions or offering additional perspectives that they have become exposed to. During his grade 12 Science class Mike would eagerly consume the information on topics such as light speed and the calculation of distances to the stars. He would then lend his" Steven Hawking" book to his teacher so that he could see where his excitement for this kind of stuff was coming from. Mike would often be the last student to leave class because he had one more thing to share with his teacher.

In 2006 Mike completed all his required courses and graduated with a Mature Student High School Diploma. It was a long road but he is the kind of person who enjoys the journey as much as the destination. He is committed to Lifelong Learning.

LSLC Director: Sandy Truthwaite

Award Recipient: Yvette Waluk

Sandy & Yvette

Yvette came to the Lord Selkirk Learning Centre in 2003 and registered for the Mature Student High School Diploma Program. On her registration form there was a question asking, " What is your reason for returning to school? " Her response stated, " just to know I can do it."

Like most students Yvette had her strengths and her weaknesses. For Yvette writing and reading assignments for grade 12 English seemed to be her forte. Her work was impressive and her efforts were admired by her teacher. However the mere mention of the word math brought an expression to her face that could be compared to a Buckley's Cough Medicine Commercial.

In order to obtain a high school diploma, a credit in grade 12 math is required. Yvette knew that not only would she have to find her way through a mine field of fractions, decimals and percentages, but that ultimately she would have to face her dragon, trigonometry. By her side however was her fellow student and daughter Erin, who was also on a mission to get her high school diploma.

Perhaps the desire to complete this daunting task at the same time as her daughter provided Yvette with the little bit of extra motivation needed to get it done.

Despite some discouraging results at first, Yvette showed determination and completed the grade 12 math in June 2006. She earned her High School Diploma and proudly attended last years' graduation ceremony.

Job Quest - Career Services

Job Quest - Career Services is an employment preparation program that teaches participants the skill required for a successful job search. Its primary mode of service delivery is through a variety of intensive workshops, in addition to one-on-one job search support and access to a comprehensive resource area.

Job Quest serves the Selkirk, St. Andrews and St. Clements area, in addition to bringing services to Stonewall and communities in the Northeast Interlake. It is funded by Manitoba Advanced Education & Training.

Presenting the awards for Job Quest Career Service Program

Program Facilitator: Kathryn Kunkel

Award Recipient: Janine Miller

Helen, Luanne, Kathryn, Janine & Erin

Job Quest is very happy to present Janine Miller with the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre's 2007 Achievement & Recognition Award. Before Janine came to Job Quest she was a full-time Assistant manager at the McDonald's here in Selkirk, where she worked a lot of evening and over-time hours. After seven years she felt the need to make a change and came to Job Quest in March 2006.

At Job Quest, Janine participated in the Resume Writing, Cover Letter and Job Search Techniques workshops. Taking these courses opened her eyes to all of the skills she possessed and helped her grow a larger self-esteem. Janine recently finished a ten month Esthetics program in Winnipeg and states, "I have totally changed my career path and couldn't be happier." Janine is currently looking for an Esthetician position in a salon.

Congratulations, Janine,  on your career change and for successfully completing your Esthetician training program. We hope you find your perfect salon position soon.


Program Facilitator: Kathryn Kunkel

Award Recipient: Luanne Lillie

Helen, Luanne, Kathryn, Janine & Erin

Before Luanne Lillie came to Job Quest, she had no real knowledge of what it took to apply for jobs in the careers in which she was interested. By attending the Resume Writing workshop and working with the Facilitator, Luanne gained the skills and confidence to apply for jobs related to her career choice.

Luanne was referred to Rosemarie Mayo at Partners for Careers in Selkirk. With Rosemarie's help, Luanne obtained funding through the Manitoba Metis Federation and Education & Training Services to attend college. She was accepted into the Medical Administrative Assistant certificate program at Winnipeg Technical College and will be graduating in June 2007. In Luanne's words, "Using the services offered at Job Quest has given me many opportunities to achieve my goals and further my career of choice."

Job Quest is delighted to present Luanne with the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre's 2007 Achievement and Recognition Award. Luanne, we look forward

to your graduation in June 2007 and wish you much success in your new career.

Program Facilitator: Kathryn Kunkel

Award Recipient: Arlie Cadger

Job Quest is very pleased to present Arlie Cadger with the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre's 2007 Achievement and Recognition Award. Arlie worked in the Healthcare field for 15 years and was suffering progressive job burn-out for almost 5 years before coming to the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre. The burn-out created a negative ripple effect at home and in her personal life.

At Job Quest, Arlie participated in the Resume Writing, Job Search, Career Planning and Interview workshops, as well as receiving individual coaching. From the SDCLC she took the Power Up course to develope her computer skills; and at the SDCLC, she completed Red River College, Gimli Campus's, Applied Counselling Certificate program.

Arlie found that making changes as a single, working parent was very difficult but necessary. These are her words: "Grace is the appropiate word to describe the extraordinary people I have been fortunate enough to meet over the past 2 years. The college instructors and staff at Employment Manitoba and the Selkirk Learning Centre have been kind, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. Through these contacts I have learned countless skills and abilities that I put into practice each day in my professional and personal life."

Arlie presently works as a Community Service Worker for the Province of Manitoba. She shares the following: "I enjoy my new career very much. As a result, I enter into each new day with optimism, enthusiasm, and joy. This has caused a positive ripple effect into all aspects of my life."

Arlie we are so glad you have found such satisfaction and fulfillment in your new career and position. Congratulations!

Program Facilitator: Kathryn Kunkel

Award Recipient: Kate Van


In June 2006, in search of a "simpler" life, Kate Van moved her two boys and herself from Toronto to Stonewall. Unfortunately, she had to leave an excellent sales position in the Natural Health industry and ''nervously" start a new job search in Manitoba.

After three months of floundering in the unemployment market, Kate discovered an ad by Job Quest. Imagine her delight to discover the very talented Beth and Helen! In Kate's words, "They worked patiently and diligently to rework my outdated resume and redo my "ineffective" cover letters. Two months later, I had my choice of two great positions and am happy to say that I now have an even better position than I had in Toronto!!......thanks Beth and Helen.... you truly are the best!!

Job Quest is very happy to present Kate Van with the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre's 2007 Achievement and Recognition Award. Congratulations on your move to Manitoba and to your new position. We're so glad it worked out well for you.

Program Facilitator: Kathryn Kunkel

Award Recipient: Aaron Clifton


In 2006, Job Quest began a quest of its own. We wanted to have a new logo created that reflected the goals of the Program. In February, at the suggestion of Scott Kwasnitza, SDCLC Board member and Principal of the LSRCHS, the Program Supervisor contacted the Advertising Art teacher at the Comp, Sandra Basson, to see if she would take up the project with her students. To our delight, she agreed.


The class got right to work, and in less than a week Sandra emailed copies of design ideas to us. We were immediately taken with the stylized scripted version of the Job Quest—Career Service name designed by Aaron Clifton, a Grade 12 student at the time, and chose it to be used in our various publications, such as our brochure, workshop calendars, and letterhead. Our new brochure is on your tables where you can see Aaron's work in full colour.


Aaron incorporated the colours we chose: burgundy to reflect Job Quest's enriching programs and services, and green to represent the life long learning of our clients—their “ever-greening” as they pursue new jobs and careers. As well, design considerations included ensuring the logo worked just as well in black and white for faxing purposes, and resized nicely to fit either large posters or small business cards.


Job Quest is pleased to present Aaron Clifton with the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre's 2007 Achievement and Recognition Award. We are thrilled with your logo design and are glad for this opportunity to publicly recognize your creative talents.

Selkirk Friendship Centre - Partners for Careers

The Selkirk Friendship Centre is an organization that provides a place for individuals and communities to exchange ideas, learn about experiences and express hopes and dreams for the future. This organization offers many many community services and supports to Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people.

As Co-host of the Achievement Awards and new partner with the SDCLC. The possibilities seem endless as our partnership with the Friendship Centre has just begun .

Presenting for the Selkirk Friendship Centre, is the

Partners for Careers Employment Consultant: Rosemarie Mayo

Award Recipient: Douglas W. Braman


Douglas started his relationship with the Selkirk Adult Learning Program in 2005. In 2003 he injured his self to the point where he needed to retrain for a different trade. Scott McPherson of Workers Compensation Board worked with him and with a grade 6 education he did not feel he had much to offer. Douglas decided to go back to school at the age of 49 and get his grade twelve; this is where the Selkirk Friendship Centre comes in. He started with an interview with Shirley Skogan to see if he would be accepted into the Adult Learning Program. After a short talk it was set, two days a week plus one day of computer. After a full school term working with Glenda Oldham he decided to try to write the GED at Red River College. After two days of writing tests he was glad it was over, or was it? Two weeks later he found out that he passed everything but the english test, so it was back to the grind stone with Glenda to do more work. During this time a job interview came up and he needed a resume, so he worked with Rosemarie Mayo to quickly get one together. The interview went well, and after two days he was hired. Still needing to write the english test he went to work as a Safety Officer at UMA Engineering. In October 2006 he wrote the english test, and two weeks later at the ripe age of 50, he is a PROUD grade twelve graduate. He would like to thank the Selkirk Adult Learning Program and the Selkirk Friendship Centre's Partners for Careers program for all its hard work. He is very grateful.

Employment Consultant: Rosemarie Mayo

Award Recipient: Crystal Easter


Crystal is a single parent of 4 boys. In 1993, she went back to school and graduated with her grade 12 diploma. From 1995 to 2000, she attended the Growing Years Programs. 1998 Crystal attended Options for Youth's 6 month program, in which time she gained life skills & employment readiness, including her CPR certificate and Driver's License.

In 1999 Crystal took a 6 month Microsoft Office Certificate Program. Although Crystal had received her certificate, she felt it was necessary to take more specialized computer training.

Crystal found her way into the Selkirk Friendship Centre by attending the U of M & Red River College ACCESS Program's recruitment Information Session. Crystal is a  Peguis First Nation Band Member and having decided that the ACCESS Business Administration Integrated Diploma Program was the specialized training that she was seeking, she applied to the Peguis School Board for full sponsorship for her diploma program. The Peguis School Board approved her request for funding. Upon graduation, Peguis Employment and Training sponsored her for a summer work placement at the Selkirk Friendship Centre. The work placement earned Crystal the full time permanent position of Administrative Assistant at the Selkirk Friendship Centre.

Crystal is committed to life long learning, welcoming every opportunity to build her skills.

Herzing College

Clinic Office Assistant Program

This 10 month program has been made available by Herzing College and their new partner the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre. The Clinic Office Assistant Program was the first program Herzing has offered at the SDCLC. The program was a great success with 10 students graduating.

Presenting the award for Herzing College COA Program is the

Program Facilitator: Pat McKetchen

Award Recipient: Dayna Swiderski


Dayna is a life long resident of Selkirk, who made the decision to return to school in 2003 after a six-year absence. She enrolled through the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre with Red River College in a Healthcare course, achieving honors on graduation. Dayna worked for the Selkirk Mental Health Centre, where she obtained standing as a Psychiatric Nursing Assistant. Following her term, Dayna went on to work various personal care homes in Selkirk. After a short break and reconnecting with family she hadn't seen since she was 9 years old, she made the decision to once again enroll through the SDCLC in the Clinic Office Assistant Course, offered by Herzing Career College, the newest partner of the SDCLC.

During her time in the COA course, Dayna has had four moves; personal challenges and an illness that took her out of class for a significant time. On her return to class, Dayna dedicated herself to her studies and has managed to bring her grades to an Honor Roll Status.

Dayna is a friend to all, a good listener and a great role model to others. She will do well in her chosen field and we congratulate her on her outstanding personal achievement.