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2006 Achievement Awards



2007 Award Recipients

Photos of the Evening



The Selkirk & District Community

Learning Centre


The Selkirk Friendship Centre


The Third Annual

Achievement Awards Banquet 2007



Jack Jonasson, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

Introduction & Welcome

Master of Ceremonies, Jack Jonasson, welcomed honored guests, Board Members past and present, friends and relatives, to cocktails, a beautiful dinner, and a wonderful night of fellowship and appreciation for the achievements of 6 excellent programs.

Opening Remarks

With our Co-host the Selkirk Friendship Centre, the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre is pleased to honor our long term programs; Job Quest - Career Services, Interlake Employment Services, and the Lord Selkirk Learning Centre - and our new programs Neeginan Institute of Applied Technology, Herzing College, and the Selkirk Friendship Centre's Partners for Careers.

Tonight we have gathered to celebrate the achievements of 14 participants in these programs. The support and encouragement shown to the participants has assisted in their journey to this point, but by far each and everyone has overcome and persisted to reach their goals.


Thank you to our musicians " A Taste of New Orleans " for the wonderful entertainment of the evening.

Thank you to our sponsors, PGR Systems, Cathedral Group and the Government of Manitoba.

Thank you to our Partner, Selkirk Friendship Centre.

Thank you to Andrew Malazdrewicz, our Keynote Speaker.


Keynote Speaker, Andrew Malazdrewicz,

Admissions Director of Herzing College

Andrew welcomed everyone and shared some of his thoughts and own experiences with the audience. He thanked everyone for listening and coming out to celebrate this special evening to honor all the award recipients.


Lasered Glass Lamps

The award is a Lasered Glass Lamp made by Innovative Laser Works. The glass has a picture of a tree growing and the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre logo and the Selkirk Friendship Centre logo and Cathedral Group logo (Our Sponsors) engraved into the glass along with the recipients names. There are 12 different colors of light that can go with any colored room.


Karen Keppler, Program Manager

Karen Keppler presented the success story of each of the award recipients, while the beautiful laser engraved lamps were presented by each of the Program Facilitators to their recipients.


List of Achievement Award Winners

Job Quest-Career Services

Program Award Recipients:

Luanne Lillie

Arlie Cadger

Kate Van

Janine Miller

Aaron Clifton

Interlake Employment Services

Employer Award Recipients:

Gimli Animal Shelter

Sigfusson Northern Ltd

Lord Selkirk Learning Centre

Program Award Recipients:

Yvette Waluk

Michael Smith

Herzing College

Clinic Office Assistant Program

Award Recipient:

Dayna Swiderski

Neeginan Institute of Applied Technology

Educational Assistant Diploma Program

Award Recipients:

Martinet Orr

Elin Macleod

Selkirk Friendship Centre -Partners for Careers

Program Award Recipients:

Crystal Easter

Douglas Braman

Program Remarks by Karen Keppler

A big Thank you to Patty Eggleston for coordinating the Achievement Awards Banquet evening.

We will continue to strive to bring new programs to our learning Centre, as it is clear that a learning centre in Selkirk is needed and appreciated by our wonderful students and our loyal staff. I don't have time to thank them often enough, A big Thank you to everyone who works at the Selkirk Learning Centre.

Closing Remarks by Jack Jonasson

We are so proud of our award winners and we thank you all for joining us tonight and celebrating the successs of the Selkirk Learning Centre and the Selkirk Friendship Centre clients, innovative organizations and outstanding individuals!

Thanks again to our sponsors, PGR Systems, Cathedral Group and the Government of Manitoba.

Thank you to the Selkirk Banquet Staff for the wonderful meal and service.

Jack thanked Karen Keppler, our Program Manager at the Selkirk Learning Centre, for being the Awards Presentation Speaker of the evening and providing the audience with the success story behind every recipient. Jack asked that everyone stand and give Karen and Alvin Keppler a big hand of applause to thank them for their dedication and devotion to all our programs they bring to our centre, they should be recognized for all of their hard work.

Karen Keppler, Patty Eggleston, and Alvin Keppler


The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre


The Selkirk Friendship Centre

wish to express their gratitude to the sponsors

of our Centre, our Programs and

our Achievement Awards:

PGR Systems

Cathedral Group

Government of Manitoba

and to our Musicians;

A Taste of New Orleans

and to everyone who donated door prizes!

A Big Thank You TO All