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Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre Computer Lending Library


Welcome to the Computer Lending Library Web Page!

Here you will find everything you need to know on how to become a member of the computer lending library.

Our lending library is designed to encourage the use of technology by all members of our community.  It does so by making functional computer systems accessible to those who are unable to otherwise acquire them; thereby increasing their quality of life, literacy, fluency and the specialty skills that have become a requirement for more employment opportunities, even in entry-level positions.

Who is the Library For?

The Computer Lending Library specifically targets several known segments of our community:

  • low income households
  • students of all ages (children/youth/adult)
  • seniors
  • persons with disabilities
  • unemployed and/or underemployed
  • new entrepreneurs (particularly youth)
  • new immigrants with language and/or literacy issues
  • community residents with literacy issues
  • economically disadvantaged individuals
  • organizations that assist the above listed community members

What does the Program Provide?

The program will supply a basic set of computer equipment.   Specialized equipment and aids will be referred to other agencies that already have programs that augment a computer user's needs for speciality equipment.


Instructions for assembly and basic computer operation will be provided during orientation.  Basic computer training may be offered that introduces individuals to the main components of a computer at scheduled training programs offered at the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre.  Additionally, the SDCLC would refer individuals to existing training programs, such as PowerUp.

The Membership and Application Process

There are three (3) steps in applying to the Computer Lending Library:


First:  You must complete the membership application to the program.


SecondYou must complete a handwritten Letter of Request explaining why you need a computer; and deliver or mail it to the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre, attention Computer Lending Library.


Third:  Your application and Letter of Request will be assessed against the program criteria. 


Before you apply be sure to read the Loan Agreement and our Lending Policies.  Failure to follow these instructions may result in your application being rejected.  If you have questions regarding the program or the policies call the Selkirk & District Learning Centre before completing this application.


Remember that receiving a computer through this lending program does not mean you own the computer.  Computers are loaned to the recipients for a specified period of time and recipients are expected to return the loaned computers upon completion of the loan term.  


Please note, there are a limited number of computers available for lending. Computer loans are made in such a way as to ensure a fair and equitable process is utilized in the lending program.  

This means not all applicants will receive computers.  


The Computer Lending Library will attempt to notify all applicants as soon as possible on the status of their applications.   We request that you are patient with the required process and allow the Computer Lending Library a minimum of two weeks to process your application.

*Please send in your membership application and handwritten Letter of Request to the Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre by fax, mail, or drop it off at our office at the address below.  Any questions, please call (204) 482-2111.

Phone:  (204) 482-2111

Fax:      (204) 785-1316

Email:    reception@sdclc.ca

Address:   511 Robinson Avenue

                   Selkirk, Manitoba

                   R1A 1E5