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Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre Computer Lending Library

Lending Policies

Mission Statement

The SDCLC Computer Lending Program encourages the use of technology by making computer systems accessible to those who are unable to otherwise acquire them; thereby increasing their quality of life, literacy, fluency and the specialty skills that have become a requirement for more employment opportunities, even in entry-level positions.


Target Recipients

The Computer Lending Library (CLL) specifically targets several known segments of our community:  

  • low income households
  • students of all ages (children/youth/adult)
  • seniors
  • persons with disabilities
  • unemployed and/or underemployed
  • new entrepreneurs (particularly youth)
  • new immigrants with language and/or literacy issues
  • community residents with literacy issues
  • economically disadvantaged individuals


The program supplies a basic set of computer equipment.  Specialized equipment and aids may be referred to other agencies that already have programs that augment a computer user's needs for speciality equipment.  

What's in the Box:

  • Computer case c/w processor
  • Monitor
  • Hard drive   
  • Floppy disk drive
  • CD drive
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Power cords and cables
  • Modem and/or NIC
  • Policies of the Community Lending Library
  • Inventory checklist and basic assembly instructions

Optional Equipment:

  • Printer
  • External Speakers


The Computer Lending Library may install a variety of software for general use that includes shareware, freeware and donated software. The Library will retain the licensing for the software when licensing is required. This policy ensures that when the computers reach the end of loan period they are returned with the licensed software. Basic software may include:

  • Windows 2000 Operating System
  • Anti-Virus software (freeware)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (freeware)
  • Shareware/Freeware Educational games for learning
  • Basic Word processing software (Word Pad/Note Pad)
  • Typing tutor

Software referrals may be made to other organizations that have sufficient licensing to accommodate the user's needs.

  • Microsoft for MS Office
  • IBM for assistive software applications
  • Regional School system programming (RRC, LSSD, etc.)
  • Shareware and Freeware


Successful applicants will be encouraged to pick up their computer just as book library patrons are encouraged to pick up books.  It is however, understood that some persons will have difficulty due to issues of cost, distance and physical ability.  For those who can sufficiently demonstrate that picking up a computer would be an undue hardship, the CLL would deliver the computer. Setup would also be offered to those who, due to their circumstances, could not set-up the computer themselves. Delivery or setup assistance is completed by volunteers.


Instructions for assembly and basic computer operation will be provided as a part of the program Orientation that is a basic training program that introduces individuals to the main components of a computer. If deemed to be necessary, successful applicants could receive additional training sessions for software; such as, basic introduction to word processing and Internet use at a scheduled training program offered at the SDCLC. Additionally, the SDCLC would refer individuals to existing computer training programs, such as PowerUp.

Internet Access

The Computer Lending Library recognizes the importance of Internet access for computer users.  Although we do not, at this time, offer Internet access as a part of the Lending Library Program, all equipment is "Internet ready:"

  • All computers loaned through the program will be Internet ready with necessary hardware and software components
  • 56k modems and/or Network Interface Card (NIC)


Membership is a privilege. It also acknowledges that the applicant recognizes the loaned computer is a valuable asset.  There are a limited number of computers available for loan and the application process aids to ensure those with the greatest need receive computers.  


In order for the Computer Lending Library to maintain the value of the asset and the integrity of the lending program members must adhere to our basic "Acceptable Use Policy:"       

Acceptable Use Policy

  • Recipients will make every effort to return the computer and all components promptly at the end of loan period in a like or improved condition.
  • Recipients will ensure the computer is not used for illegal or dishonest purposes.   Failure to do so will result in the immediate seizure of the computer and all components.   
  • Recipients will use the computer only for the purposes stated in their application.
  • Recipients will not "pass on" the computer to others; if no longer required the equipment must be returned to the Lending Library.
  • Install only legal (licensed) software; do not "borrow" software from others unless the license to use the software is also obtained.
  • Do not use the computer for commercial purposes; advertising, materials distribution or other related activities unless it is so stated in your application and has been approved by the Computer Lending Library.
  • Do not modify, alter or upgrade the loaned computer equipment without the express written permission of the Computer Lending Library.
  • Consumable products such as printer ink, toner, paper and diskettes are not included in the loan agreement.
  • Recipients cannot sell, loan or give the computer away; the computer remains the property of the Lending Library and must be returned at end of loan period.

Be Advised

All equipment returned to the Lending Library will be "cleaned." This will necessitate the complete removal of all data and files. Cleaning ensures that no personal data or information is left on the computer's hard drive.  Please ensure that before you return your computer at end of the loan period you have made copies of all important data and files.  


Identification markings have been placed on the computer and components. Altering these is in violation of the Loan Agreement and may result in the seizure of the equipment.   


The Computer Lending Library reserves the right to cancel, postpone or cease the lending of computers. The Computer Lending Library reserves the right to request the immediate return of loaned computers.  


The Computer Lending Library is not responsible for injury, damages, penalties or losses incurred in the use of the computer and equipment.