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Selkirk, Manitoba
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The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre Inc (SDCLC) is a Registered Charity.

Donations will support and improve our Facility and allow us to expand our educational and training offerings to the community. Tax Receipts are provided on request.

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About Us

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Vision Statement
To create a Centre of Excellence that pro-actively meets the training and educational requirements of both the public & private sectors

Mission Statement
Provide ongoing quality education and training that promotes growth and enhances improved quality of life.

About Us
The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre is an integrated, Employment Assistance Services Partnership, partly funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and Manitoba Entrepreneurship Training & Trade, to provide pre-employment services and education & training programs to the Selkirk & District area.

This partnership has been designed to provide a forum for community partners to assess local development goals, including the needs of unemployed individuals and local employers, and the community’s capacity to create employment opportunities and foster economic growth.

Approaching 21 full years of operations, the Learning Centre has established a centralized learning complex offering information training and assistance; and acts as an umbrella organization to other service providers housed within our facility. Through partnerships with our internal service providers we touch almost all socio-economic sectors of our community.


Mission Objective

  • Continuously identify community training needs
  • Liaise on change with business and industry
  • Provide a system to develop & continuously improve a learning and training culture
  • Provide a system of matching trained individuals with employers needs
  • Promote and assist with increased youth involvement within the community