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Please take our quick survey about Business Incubation.


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Attention: June


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Call for more information on Business Incubation to discuss if it could benefit you!

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Business Incubation Survey


What is Business Incubation?


The Definition of Business

A commercial enterprise, an occupation, work, or trade in which a person is engaged.


The Definition of Incubator

The maintenance of a controlled environment that is conducive to the development of infants, especially of a premature one.


The Definition of Business Incubation

A business incubator is a place where newly created firms are located with the aim to improve their chances of growth and their rate of survival.   Often these firms are provided with common facilities and services such as fax, computers, and meeting rooms as well as managerial support and administration services.


How do Business Incubators contribute to the Community?

Business Incubators often act as economic development tools because they are designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurs and their companies.   A Business Incubator`s main goal is to produce successful firms, that when they leave, are financially viable and able to stand alone.


Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre

The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre is interested in knowing what entrepreneurs in the region think about Business Incubation.   Are there benefits?   Is there a need for these services?   What industry areas are lacking key, qualified business supports?   What we already know is that Business Incubation has proven successful in nearly all cases, boosting the success rate of start-up ventures from 20% to as much as 85%.


You can assist us by completing the quick Survey.  The completed survey will be documented and the resultant data will be analyzed.  


The Survey may indicate that there are businesses that would benefit by the offering of Business Incubation services and that there is a need for entrepreneurial training of this type.   The Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre proactively seeks to offer training and educational programs that benefit the entire community, and the business community is no exception.  

Entrepreneurs and Self Employment

If you are considering going into business for yourself or have already done so please assist us by completing our Survey.   The information you provide is invaluable to us.

Fax Survey to: (204) 785-1316  Attention: June


Mail Survey to:  Selkirk & District Community Learning Centre, 511 Robinson Ave., Selkirk, MB  R1A 1E5  ATTENTION: June

If you have any question or for more information please call (204) 482-2111.