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Mission Statement.
Benefits for Business.

Interlake Employment Services


Benefits for Business

Employer Advantages

1. Lower hiring costs
The selection of employees can be a lengthy process requiring several resources. When hiring through IES, we can save you time by:

  • Pre-screening applicants to suit employer needs

  • Reducing or eliminating recruitment costs

2. Decreased turnover
Training employees takes time. IES can assist you by:

  • Providing skilled and reliable employees

  • Providing on-going training and support to ensure continued success

3. Increased productivity
Persons with disabilities have consistently proven to be effective, long-term employees. IES can assist in:

  • Centralizing entry level duties, which allow other employees to focus on tasks that require their skill level.

  • Stabilizing high turnover rates.

Other Benefits:

  • Finding the right person for the job.

  • Providing information and support designed to introduce people with disabilities to the workforce.

  • Increasing communication skills in co-workers and supervisors.

  • Demonstrating the quality of companies and their commitment to their employees.

  • Creating a corporate climate of diversity.