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Interlake Employment Services



"Since IES clients have been doing the washroom maintenance, the Town of Stonewall has only received positive comments on the cleanliness of the washrooms at Quarry Park. It has been an extremely beneficial relationship. The Town of Stonewall highly recommends any business or person to consider the services of IES. "

Robert J. Potter Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Stonewall
Stonewall, Manitoba


"Betty Ann has been a faithful, punctual and hardworking individual at Warren Elementary School. We appreciate the work that she does in support of the teaching secretarial staff. Her pleasant and outgoing personality are a great asset to our staff. "

Audrey Hogg
Warren Elementary School
Warren, School


"Justin has been with our staff since the summer of 1995. Justin has been a good helper to the staff outside. He keeps the vendor machines full of drinks, rakes sand traps, cuts grass, fills ball washers and even helps pick garbage and sorts for recyclables. We appreciate him and thank him for the great job he is doing. "

Lundar Co-op Golf and Country Club
Lundar, Manitoba


"In July 1996 IES helped me to set up my own business. Since that time, I have been able to learn many aspects of running my own business. If IES had not been there I would still be fully dependent on Social Allowance. I now feel confident that with their ongoing help, I should succeed."

Rodney Spence
Rod's Handiman Service
Ashern, Manitoba


"Lisa has been with Gilbert International since July of 1996. Since that time, she has proven to be a valuable asset to the organization. This was most evident during her recent vacation. Her position was not filled during her absence, and this reinforced the vital role that she plays. We are looking foreword to a long working relationship with Lisa."

Ken Greenfield
Production Supervisor/Personnal Manager
Gilbert International
Arborg, Manitoba