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Job Quest - Career Services
Professional and confidential guidance and services to assist you with your job search.

Resume Writing Session

Pre-registration is required for group sessions.  Group session length is 1 day.

We also take walk-ins for one on one condensed sessions.

Job Quest's Resume Writing Session is here to get you focussed on the wealth of skills and knowledge you have to offer any potential employer.  By the end of the day, you will have a completed resume that is:

  • Word-processed and professional-looking
  • No more than 2 pages in length
  • Written using your words to describe past tasks performed
  • Targeted to your chosen job or career objective
  • Summarized to highlight your qualifications that best match those required by the targeted position or field

It will not only provide you with a resume that fits you, but also:

  • Help you identify the key qualifications to present in your cover letter
  • Prepare you better for the interview to follow
  • Assist you in considering other jobs or career possibilities, as you rediscover the hidden treasures of your skills and abilities

Job Quest limits the number of participants in its 1-day Resume Writing Sessions to ensure we can help you one-on-one as needed within this small group setting.  Job Quest's experienced and highly qualified facilitators will ease your fears and concerns, and help you write a concise advertisement that really catches employers' attention and makes them want to meet you.

Register today by calling 482-2100 or toll free 1-866-482-2100